24 June, 2008

The secret tool of visualization & law of attraction

I created my own, but it's not in english. (It's in my native language.)
To make yours, you can use Windows Movie Maker, it works fine.

Remember the nr. 1 specific feature of successful people is speed of implementation. That means that when you hear a idea, you implement it IMMEDIATELY & learn something from it.

In case you want to see my visualization clip anyway here it is: My life

Billionaires' Dreams

23 June, 2008

Pathways to Prosperity

Get yourself a mentor.

At the end it says "Ordinary people can become extraordinary" - DON'T THINK ABOUT YOURSELF AS BEING ORDINARY. Because you are not.

Richard Branson - Business Secrets

"Be prepared and willing to break all the 'conventional wisdom' rules."